Planning the Funeral Liturgy

The funeral liturgy is one of the most beautiful and meaningful celebrations of the Church.  Your family has the option of personalizing the Mass by choosing the Scripture readings and by requesting specific hymns.

When choosing scriptures, there should be one reading from the Old Testament, and one reading from the New Testament.  A member of our Arimathea group will help you select your readings.

Music at the Funeral Liturgy
OLL Parish will provide an organist for the funeral liturgy at the Church.  Family members are welcome to request specific Sacred Hymns or Music. Our music minister will guide you in selecting appropriate hymns. A list is included here for your review.

Please be aware that only Sacred Music may be used at a Funeral Liturgy.  As liturgical music magnifies the spoken word, music is a beautiful offering within the Mass of Christian Burial.  Music brings comfort and peace to the loved ones attending the Funeral Mass.

It is not incumbent upon the loved ones of the deceased to choose music for the liturgy.  If no particular music is requested, we will choose appropriate music based on the liturgical season, readings, and theme for the liturgy.  Sometimes a particular hymn, perhaps a favorite of the deceased, will be requested.  If you have any preferences, please indicate them.
Additionally, because Mass is a live celebration of faith, it is suggested that the use of pre-recorded or secular music be discussed with the music director at OLL.

Liturgy Planning Form
Please click here to download a Liturgy Planning Booklet for the Mass of Christian Burial.  Please click here to download the Funeral Planning Sheet to note your selections.

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