Confirmation / Youth Ministry

The Sacrament of Confirmation is  celebrated in the spring of sophomore year of high school. The process of preparation takes place over a two-year period beginning with the freshman year.

Classes take place here on Sundays; see Confirmation Schedule of Events for detailed dates and times. The program is coordinated by Laurie DiCianni with the assistance of the catechists. Our candidates discuss various aspects of morality, Scripture, the Sacraments, and Catholic living.
Included in each year’s program is a retreat experience that emphasizes peer ministry led by our Confirmation Youth Team.

Contact:  Laurie DiCianni (973-729-6107)

Complete registration forms and other necessary documents must be submitted by July 1st. Those who have moved into the area or are switching from another parish's program are accepted at any time during the program year.

All necessary information documents and forms pertaining to our Confirmation
Program can be found under Confirmation/Youth.
If you are the parent of a 9th Grade Confirmation candidate, please download the 9th grade registration form along with the OLL Confirmation Guidelines, class schedule, and Sponsor Certificate.
If you are the parent of a 10th Grade Confirmation Candidate, please download the 10th grade registration form along with the OLL Confirmation Guidelines and class schedule.


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